Kirby and the Lost Land owes a lot to Kirby: Star Allies, reveals HAL Laboratory


Kirby and the Lost Land, apparently, owes a lot to Kirby: Star Allies for the 3D setting: the game’s development team, HAL Laboratory, has revealed this through the mouth of director Shinya Kumazaki.

As the developers had explained, the transition to 3D platforming for Kirby and the Lost Land was much feared, given that the experience in this sense was rather limited, but thanks to Star Allies the studio managed to overcome the challenge successfully.

“For Kirby’s first 3D game it was necessary to overcome a lot of challenges, and one of them was to overcome the work done with Star Allies, which is the culmination of our work in two dimensions,” explained Kumazaki.

“We envisioned the final battle of Star Allies as a starting point for our subsequent projects, as we were confident we would move to 3D. The development team sees Star Allies and The Lost Earth as a single, interconnected project.”

“Star Allies was built with a rhythm and structure that allowed both fans of the series and younger players to complete the main mode. On the contrary, the theme of The Lost Land was to offer deeper 3D action, since many users asked for it. ”

“There were things we couldn’t do with Star Allies, so we wanted to create a 3D Kirby that was deep but accessible while continuing to rethink the surprising traits of a character as peculiar as Kirby.”


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