Here’s the reason why iPhone 12 series is not equipped with headset chargers

iPhone 12 series inside the box

As we know that during the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple confirmed that the series will no longer be getting a free adapter and Earpods along with iPhone any iPhones. The only free accessory that you will get is a USB-C to lightning cable for charging and data transfer needs.

In response, Apple’s iPhone product line marketing vice president stated that the iPhone has many new features to attract consumers to buy, and this pricing is also appropriate. . There are many chargers and earphones piled up in the user’s home.

Yes, it’s disappointing for iPhone buyers like me. Apple is defending this decision to not provide any freebies as an environment-friendly measure. No accessories inside boxes will allow Apple to provide thinner iPhone boxes and also reduce e-waste.

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Several Android brands have stopped providing earphones out-of-the-box by justifying that it helps them offer affordable prices. But for Apple, it sounds a bit stingy that a brand can’t provide adapters and earphones inside the box after a customer has paid over Rs 1 lakh for a new iPhone.

Good Morning America’s host asked: Are you worried that consumers will have an opinion about spending close to $700 on a mobile phone without a power adapter and earphones?

Kaian Delance, vice president of Apple’s iPhone product line marketing, replied that there are already a large number of new features in the new generation of iPhone, and there are many amazing reasons for consumers to buy. We think this pricing is also very appropriate. For other reasons, I have already mentioned that users already have a lot of earphones and power adapters.

iPhone 12 series is not equipped with headset chargers

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