Finally WhatsApp now lets you mute a chat forever


Facebook’s WhatsApp is one of the biggest chat application worldwide that has over a billion users logging in each day, the App has now become in irreplaceable App for communication. According to some statistics it is predicted that by 2023 this App will reach 85.8million users worldwide also in a recent report it is speculated that 500million people use WhatsApp status daily.

As we know the mute function has already provided by WhatsApp but it is limited to mute any conversation for a year but starting today you can now mute any group chats permanently. This statement is coming directly from the WhatsApp official Twitter handle.

if you want to mute any chats forever just long press on the conversation and press the mute button which is located in the top right corner after that one pop-up will appear on your screen and then select ‘Always’. So that after following this process you will not get irritated from your friends or someone else continue messages.

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People after getting this news also suggesting the company to work on the archive chats that appears on the top of the chat list. muting the chat group for always its not a big deal because WhatsApp already allowed users to mute any conversation for a year so users are not happy with this change.

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