AMD’s FSR technology is used in Sprague Dungeon 3 to maintain the smoothness

Sprague Dungeon 3

As Nintendo’s annual action shooting masterpiece, Sprague 3 provides testing activities before its release, and recently provided a pre-loading of the test client. A quick glance at the game’s manual reveals that this Switch game uses AMD’s AMD FSR technology.

The full name of AMD FSR is FidelityFX Super Resolution. It calculates the frame of the picture through the spatial algorithm and finally renders the low-resolution picture into a higher-resolution picture. Although the final effect of the picture may not be as clear as the native high-resolution, for GPU lower pressure. Before that, Nintendo had used the technology in Switch Sports.

It is worth mentioning that Nintendo used the 1.0 version of FSR in “Sprague 3”, which is based on the data of the current frame, while the new version 2.0 FSR technology is based on the data of the previous frame.

“Sprague 3” will be officially released on September 9, and the “Eve Festival” trial event will start on August 25. This work is also the first work in the series to support Chinese.

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