Windows 11 Android Subsystem WSA August Update Announced

WSA, the Android subsystem for Microsoft Windows 11, has recently been updated to version 2207.40000.8.0. Microsoft officially released the complete upgrade of this version, which includes improvements to the keyboard interface and the addition of operation tips when the application launches.

If the keyboard configuration option is enabled in the program, the control’s operation prompt will appear when the application starts, allowing users to acquaint themselves with the operation. Users can also choose to close the prompt manually.

  • New compatibility filler allows App to maintain aspect ratio but still support resizing
  • Accessibility improvements to the WSA Setup App
  • New Compatibility Improvements for the WSA Setup App
  • Fixed the problem of restarting the app
  • Apps that use update toast notifications instead of progress toast have better behavior
  • Open Game Control compatible apps Show operation prompt dialogs at startup
  • Proxy improvements
  • Scrollbar fix for WSA settings compatibility page
  • User crash data and system app crash data will be reported
  • “No internet available” toast notifications are now disabled
  • Custom Android toast notifications now display correctly
  • Amazon Appstore updated to version 60.09
  • Android Security Updates
  • Improve reliability

The Linux kernel and the Android OS based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version are included in the Windows 11 Android Subsystem (Windows Subsystem for Android).

This subsystem, like the Linux subsystem, runs on a Hyper-V virtual machine and can map an app’s runtime and API in an AOSP environment to the Windows graphics layer, memory buffers, input modes, physical and virtual devices, and sensors. Can run on Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors.

  • Install Windows 11 Android Subsystem:


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