WeChat iOS version 8.0.16 update

According to the information, the iOS version of WeChat updated to the latest version 8.0.16. This time the update log still only shows “some known issues resolved”. However, according to some users, on the Settings -> Privacy page, a new “Personal Information and Authority” option has been added. After clicking on this option, system authority management, authorization management, personalized advertising management, personal information browsing, and exporting can be performed.

WeChat iOS version 8.0.16 update changelog:

In addition, WeChat has also updated the “WeChat Privacy Protection Guidelines . ”

1. Update of Privacy Guidelines
In order to fully protect your rights, we have added a personal information browsing and export mechanism for you, set up system permissions and application authorization management portals, added personalized recommendation management channels, and disclosed in more detail how WeChat handles you Of personal information. For more information, please refer to the updated “WeChat Privacy Protection Guidelines”.

2. Information sharing and disclosure update
We further disclosed how to share de-identified or anonymized information with third parties in order to optimize advertising effects. For details, see the “Ad Information Sharing List”, and added disclosures to ensure the realization of some independent functions. For details of the three-party SDK, see “Access to the Third-Party SDK Directory”.

WeChat iOS version 8.0.16 update

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