Google Fi now supports end-to-end encrypted calls

According to the latest information, after WhatsApp now Google Fi also allows end-to-end encrypted calls. Google said that end-to-end encryption has become a standard in the real-time communications industry, and now this feature is officially brought to mobile calls.

By default the latest update let you turned on by default, and two Android phones using Google Fi can support this feature. After turning on this function, the phone call interface will display a lock pattern, and the phone ringtone is also different from regular calls. Not only that, the text message communication between the two mobile phones also supports end-to-end encryption. In this way, even if the user’s communication is stolen by another person, the other party cannot obtain the content of the call.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has also added end-to-end encryption, which is supported by text messages, voice calls, and video calls. In addition, this app will support enabling encryption for cloud backup chat history.

Google Fi end-to-end encrypted calls Google Fi end-to-end encrypted calls-

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