Tri foldable phone from Samsung leaked in a patent

Samsung is a well-known company to provides the most enhanced products worldwide. Now, according to the 42-page document content, the company is planning to build a triple-folding smartphone with double hinges.

As per the document details, the user can obtain a tablet-sized display and touch interaction area. In addition to improving work efficiency, it can also give a more shocking gaming/audiovisual experience. In the most compact folding storage state, the front of the device (width × height) is almost the same as that of an ordinary smartphone, but the Z axis is significantly heavier.

In fact, as early as May of this year, Samsung Display has already demonstrated a prototype of the Galaxy S-Foldable folding screen smartphone with dual hinges (foldable inward + outward).

The main difference lies in the location of the camera. In the Samsung Display prototype, the camera module was placed on the side of the flexible screen. However, Samsung Electronics seems to be planning to introduce a triple rear camera similar to the Galaxy Z Fold3 on the back of the fuselage.

As for the front camera, the patent puts it under the flexible screen in the first display area of ​​the screen, which means that it can be used in a folded or fully unfolded state like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Although there is still much room for improvement in the hidden camera under the 4MP screen, Samsung will obviously continue to improve this technology. However, it is relatively simpler to put a small screen directly next to the rear main camera.

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