Top 10 iPadOS 14 features you need to know

iPadOS 14 Features

Hay there we are here with such intemperate news in which you will come to know about the updates related to the same version. If you guys are the appreciator of Apple’s then it’ll be worthy for you apples iPadOS 14 update includes many of the same features that are found in iOS 14 (minus some of the Home Screen changes), but there are also quite a few notable iPad-only features as well.


Well, let’s just talk about the latest features in iPadOS 14, In macrumors recent video, we highlight some of the best new features in iPadOS 14, some of which probably may also available on iPhone and some of which are unique to the larger tablet form factor respectively.

App Sidebars and Toolbars – Here we must say that iPadOS didn’t get quite the previous design overhaul that iOS did, but there are some tweaks worth noting. Apps like Music, Photos, Calendar, Notes Files, and more.

They have been redesigned with sidebars that offer a more consistent and streamlined navigation experience, providing direct access to more information and tools. Apple has also introduced new toolbars that consolidate buttons into a single bar at the top of the app.

Updated Pull-down Menus – You can say that it is the latest features into the iPadOS 14 Along with redesigned app sidebars and toolbars, pull-down menus in built-in apps have been streamlined well implementing, providing access to app tools from a single button.

Search – The next features are the search interface which may be held with the more compact and takes up less space on the iPad, plus there have been some refinements that let users see instant search suggestions could be better than before, launch apps and websites, start in-app searches, and more. It’s similar to search in iOS 13, but more powerful and better organized as well.

Scribble – well most of the users who are new with this is may bid confused with such name. so here is our first duty here to describe to you that what exactly the scribble is? So basically the Scribble is the latest feature which is perhaps the best new iPadOS feature, lets Apple Pencil users handwrite in any text field, with the handwritten text converted to typed text. There are all kinds of useful tools included like a scratch to delete and circling a word to select it.

Notes – most of the people are used Notes which is mostly used by every single person nowadays for the general work. So the Scribble brings new features to the Notes app. Here I used to inform you that, You can use Smart Selection to select and copy handwritten notes, plus you can copy handwritten notes and paste them as standard typed text. Shape recognition lets you draw an imperfect shape and have it converted to a perfect one, and data detectors, like those that make an address tappable, work with handwritten text, and the cut, copy, the paste will be there always.

Compact FaceTime/Phone UI – mostly of the time whenever we used to do something into our phone at that time there is always something which always interrupted between our work .so here are the new function in which you can see that Just like on the iPhone, incoming FaceTime and Phone calls (from the iPhone) on the iPad are shown in a small banner that’s easily dismissed so getting a FaceTime call no longer interrupts what you’re doing on your tablet.

Compact Siri – Like FaceTime calls, the Siri interface is smaller too. Siri doesn’t take over the entire iPad display when you use it and instead shows up as a small animated icon at the bottom of the screen with results provided in a banner style. Siri can be swiped away, but when the Siri interface is up, you can’t use the display behind it.

Safari – There are major improvements to Safari in iOS and iPadOS 14. Privacy tracking lets you know which websites have cross-site trackers running, there’s a built-in translator so you don’t need to use an extension, you can see tab previews, and Favicons are shown in tabs by default so you can see what’s what at a glance prospectively.

Apple Music Lyrics – we all love to listen to music at any time according to our mood and its very pleasure to listen to the music When you listen to Apple Music with iPadOS 14 and activate the feature that lets you follow along with the lyrics, the lyrics are now displayed full screen.

Emoji Popover Menu – if we want to express our emotions with peoples so in that case we always use emojis with different faces .so With the new emoji popover option on iPadOS 14 you can quickly enter an emoji when using a hardware keyboard with your iPad. The nifty iOS 14 feature that lets you search for an emoji is, unfortunately, not available on the iPad.

Like iOS 14, iPadOS 14 is available to developers and public beta testers at this time, so anyone can download it and try it out. The update will see an official public release this fall.



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