Tesla Model 3 becomes Europe’s best-selling electric car in November

According to the latest information, Tesla Model 3 has once again become the best-selling electric car in Europe. However, because Tesla’s European plant has not yet been delivered, a large part of this comes from the export volume of the Shanghai Super Factory in China.

According to 25 European market data monitored by JATO Dynamics, Tesla registered 10,739 Model 3 cars last month, while Renault Zoe registered 8,658 cars, which is about 2,000 behind Model 3.

In addition, Dacia Spring ranked third with 5746 sales. The fourth place is 5347 Tesla Model Y.

Europe is also facing the problem of core shortage. The number of new car registrations in the month was 855,281, a decrease of 18% from November 2020 and a decrease of 29% from November 2019.

Tesla Model 3

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