Tesla Autopilot could prevent 40 accidents a day

More and more new cars are equipped with automatic assisted driving systems as standard, providing various functions such as AEB active braking, LCC lane keeping assist and so on.

On August 22, according to German media reports, Ashok Elluswamy, director of Tesla Autopilot software, said that the Tesla Autopilot automatic assisted driving system can prevent about 40 accidents caused by sudden unexpected acceleration (SUA) every day.

He said that in about 40 crashes, human drivers mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes, but Autopilot was able to “realize” they were doing so and automatically brake the vehicle when a collision was imminent to stop the accident. occur.

It is understood that Autopilot is Tesla’s high-level assisted driving system. According to the official introduction, after enabling this function, Tesla can automatically assist steering, acceleration and braking in the lane, but Tesla officials also reminded that at this stage The Autopilot automatic assisted driving function still requires active monitoring by the driver, and the vehicle has not yet achieved full autonomous driving.

Tesla’s AP has always been very controversial, and many people think it is the main cause of many accidents.

In June of this year, the US Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) exposed a document that mentioned Autopilot aborted vehicle control less than one second prior to the first impact, translated into Chinese: less than 1 second before impact, Autopilot aborted control of the vehicle.

One stone caused a thousand waves, and many netizens expressed their doubts: With such a design, Tesla can deny that the accident was because of Autopilot?

I also remind Tesla owners that although the AP is easy to use, it is still necessary to take the driver as the core and the first responsible person when driving the vehicle. Of course, this also applies to all cars equipped with an automatic driving system.

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