Stable version of Google Chrome 95 desktop browser goes official

Google Chrome 95 desktop browser

According to the information, the stable version of the Google Chrome 95 desktop browser has been released. In this latest update, the company has updated several important new features and fixed the bugs of the previous version.

The first is the addition of the secure payment confirmation function in the desktop browser. Google has added a new secure payment confirmation function to Chrome 95 . This function is based on the WebAuthn standard. When the user confirms the transaction payment, a pop-up window will appear asking the user to add more information and an authentication request to verify the user’s identity.

Secondly, Google has improved the experience of PWA-related applications. The EyeDropper API has been used in the latest version of the Chrome browser to improve the experience of website applications and PWA applications.

How to download the Chrome 95? Interested users can download the stable version of the Chrome 95 desktop browser directly from the Chrome official website.

Google Chrome 95 desktop browser stable version changelog:

  • System-level note-taking web application integration
  • The addition of URLPattern API
  • Add CSS counter style rules in shadowtrees
  • The addition of EyeDropper API
  • Self.reportError () function is added
  • WebAssembly cross-source module sharing
  • Exception handling in WebAssembly
  • Logical attribute that contains internal size being added
  • Safe payment confirmation function added
  • Add dropEntriesCount property to PerformanceObserver
  • Cookies size limit (maximum 4096 bytes, and the maximum length of a single attribute is 1024 bytes)
  • Drop support for non-IPv4 hostname URLs ending in numbers
  • Remove support for FTP
  • Enhance the client prompt to the UA user agent to cater for the detection of different versions of Windows

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