Samsung Display plans to add 3 foldable OLED module production lines

Samsung Display

To increase the production capacity of foldable panels, Samsung Display, a panel manufacturer under Samsung Electronics, plans to add three foldable OLED module production lines at its Vietnam factory next year. This will increase the company’s foldable module production lines from 7 to 10.

According to sources, this will expand the company’s foldable panel production capacity from the current 1.4 million per month to 1.5 million per month, and then to 2 million per month.

The Korean giant Samsung Display Corporation is one of the world’s largest OLED panel suppliers, dominating the small and medium sized OLED panel market, Apple’s iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X use the company’s OLED panel.

In February of this year, foreign media reported that the company will supply foldable OLED panels for Google, OPPO, and Xiaomi. The sizes of these panels range from 7.6 inches to 8.03 inches.

Although Chinese smartphone manufacturers purchase foldable OLED panels from Samsung Display, they purchase fewer OLED panels than they purchase from Samsung Electronics.

On October 28 this year, the analysis company also predicted in a report that in 2021, the shipment of foldable OLED panels will reach 8.9 million. In 2025, the shipment of foldable OLED panels is expected to reach 49 million units, with an average annual growth rate of 53%.

Samsung Display

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