Samsung announced mass production of LPDDR5 memory chips, features 6400MHz, EUV


Samsung has recently announced that its 2nd-generation production line in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, has begun mass production of the first batch of 16Gb (2GB) LPDD5 memory chips.

The chip is based on Samsung’s third-generation 10nm-level (1z) process, and 16Gb has also reached the industry’s highest capacity and best performance.

According to the core information of this chip, the bandwidth speed of the LPDDR5 memory chip is 6400Mbp s (equivalent to 6400MHz), which is 16% faster than the current 12Gb LPDDR5-5500. To be noted that the a total capacity of 16GB, 10 5GB HD movies (51.2GB) are allowed to be transferred within one second.

Samsung also said that thanks to the advanced 1z nm EUV process, the single chip is 30% thinner than the previous generation. In terms of packaging, 10 chips can make up a 16GB capacity , while the previous generation 1ynm requires 12 chips (single chip 12Gb).

According to Samsung’s estimates, the first batch of flagship phones equipped with its own 1z nm 16GB LPDDR5 packaged memory will be available in batches in 2021.

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