These are the major upgrades to notice in HDC 2020: EMUI 11, Hongmeng OS, HMS and more

EMUI 11, Hongmeng OS, HMS

Huawei will hold the 2020 HDC Developers Conference on September 10. The conference schedule published on the official website shows that the theme of this conference has three main points-Hongmeng system, HMS service and EMUI 11 system.

According to the schedule of Huawei’s official website, at this conference, Huawei will announce the latest progress of HMS Core 5.0.

HMS Core 5.0 recently added seven major areas of services, including App Services, Graphics, and Media , Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Device (Security), System (System), and more comprehensively open Huawei’s “core-device-cloud” capabilities.

For now, HMS has more than 700 million monthly active users worldwide, 1.6 million registered developers, and more than 80,000 applications have integrated Huawei’s HMS Core.

This year at HDC 2020 we will see HarmonyOS 2.0 and it is likely to be applied to Huawei’s domestic PCs, watches/bands, and cars. Machine products.

EMUI 11 will also further improve the distribution capabilities while making changes around GPU Turbo, one-handed mode, gesture control, file sharing, security, flight mode, etc., and launch more Cross-device, full-scene interactive experience innovation based on distributed technology.

HMS Core 5.0, EMUI 11 HDC 2020

The EMUI 11 system will be launched on Huawei Mate 40 series mobile phones. Stay tuned for more.

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