PlayStation 4: Download speeds down due to coronavirus

PlayStation 4

The Sony following in the footsteps of YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and other streaming services and decided to reduce the speed at which the games downloaded to PlayStation 4 in order to avoid problems in the networks that have high traffic because of the spread of coronavirus.

In particular, Sony has warned millions of PS4 users that there will be a reduction in the speed at which children go down in Europe. With this move, Sony joins the fight against network overload.

Sony president and CEO Jim Ryan said:

Video games allow players from all over the world to connect with their friends and families to enjoy the fun they need during these uncertain times. Sony Interactive Entertainment works with Internet service providers in Europe to manage the download and help maintain internet access for the entire community.

We believe it is important to help tackle internet stability issues as an unprecedented number of people are at home and dependent on internet access.

Players may have slightly slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy the gameplay. We appreciate the support and understanding from the community as we take these steps in an effort to maintain access for all.

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