Microsoft Windows 10 will get modern disk partition management tools

Microsoft Windows 10

If you want to delete the old disk and create a new partition or expand the space of a specific disk, you need to rely on Windows 10‘s disk management tools. The easiest way to manage disk partitions on Windows 10 is to use the operating system’s built-in disk management feature, which was last updated in Windows 7.

Windows’ built-in disk management tools can still create new partitions for you, but some third-party applications have expanded the feature set, while Microsoft’s solution is slightly behind. With third-party applications, you can easily expand the storage of your partitions, create new partitions, or delete existing partitions.

That could change soon as Microsoft begins developing modern disk management tools.

Foreign media found a reference to “Modern_Disk_Management_Link” in Windows 10 Build 19577+, which indicates that Microsoft is working on a new modern method to manage disk partitions on Windows 10.

Microsoft may see a link in the Settings app to launch modern disk management tools. However, it is unclear whether Microsoft has plans to integrate the updated partition manager directly into the Settings app.

Microsoft has slowed down the work of replacing old configuration tools in Windows 10 with new configuration tools. Back in 2008, Microsoft started the transition when developing Windows 8, but it was not completed in Windows 10.

Currently, some features are only available in Settings, some are only available in Control Panel, and others can be accessed from both Settings and Control Panel.

Similarly, Windows 10 provides a new UI for pairing Bluetooth devices, but you still need to use the older tools to receive and transfer files over Bluetooth.

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