Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.42 released with updates

Microsoft has released the Visual Studio Code version 1.42, and the January 2020 update. Check out the changes below,

Support preview of renamed changes -View pending renames in diff view, and accept or reject changes easily.

Enable the limitation of the number of editor windows-support setting the maximum number of editor windows that can be opened at the same time.

There are several options:

workbench.editor.limit.enabled: enable this feature (off by default).

workbench.editor.limit.perEditorGroup: Apply this limit to each editor group or all groups.

workbench.editor.limit.value: maximum number of editor windows open (defaults to 10).

The figure illustrates the effect of limiting to a maximum of 3 editor windows. Also note that editor windows with unsaved changes are not automatically closed, but still count towards the total number of editors open.

Restore all windows on restart

The setting for VS Code to restore windows at startup has been changed to restore all windows by default. If you want to return to the previous behavior, configure “window.restoreWindows”: “one” to open only one window.

Highlight folded code regions -Quickly find code folded regions highlighted with a new background.

Improved Debug Console -Supports syntax highlighting, bracket matching, input history, and improved display of input and output.

Define global tasks – tasks for each user can be used in all folders and workspaces.

Remote Development -New Forwarded Ports view for mapping SSH and container ports.

Preview features -Timeline view, Search editor, Semantic highlighting for TypeScript and JavaScript, etc.

Download: Windows:  User  System  |  Mac  | Linux:  snap  deb  rpm  tarball

Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.42

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