GTA 6: The leak may have been the work of multiple people, according to the GTA Forum

The now well-known GTA 6 leak may have been the work of several people rather than a single individual, as has been thought so far: some users of the GTA Forum suggest it . In fact, it seems that the Teapot profile, used to spread the contents of the sensational leak of GTA 6, was used by at least two different users, it is not clear whether it is intentional or not.

One of them, which responded to Lily’s nickname, would seem to be behind the Telegram account that tried to sell the source code of GTA 6: some screenshots would prove it. However, it seems clear that this Lily is not actually in possession of stolen materials relating to the Rockstar Games title, although the user has so far claimed the opposite. So why does she have access to the account that first revealed the leak?

In short, for the moment the situation is still nebulous, the FBI is investigating the origin of the violation and it also seems that the rumors about the author of the GTA 6 leak have proved unreliable.


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