Governments use cellphone data to limit the coronation

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The battle with the coronavirus pandemic is continuing and governments are using mobile data to prevent it from spreading. Specifically, mobile carriers in Europe provide data to the health systems of Italy, Austria, and Germany. This is to enable the authorities to check that citizens have complied with the rules that have been put in place to limit the impact.

According to data protection rules, location data shared by companies is anonymous and aggregated. Lombardy, Italy, is one of the first places in the country to be quarantined, and mobile data allows authorities to clarify whether citizens have restricted their movements. Traffic on the streets of Lombardy has reportedly fallen by 60% in the last month.

Recall that Israel also in recent days has allowed the use of mobile data to track the virus. China uses AC 19, where the tracking system sends the information directly to the authorities. South Korea is using a more “aggressive” way after it created a public map from mobile data to allow anyone to see if it came in contact with another person who already had the virus.

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