CMOS battery is exhausted released update coming from Xbox

According to the latest report, Windows’s owner Microsoft thought to launch a new patch for Xbox in the near future to fix the problem of the inability to perform identity verification after the CMOS battery is exhausted.

Over time, the battery will eventually run out. Before the battery is replaced, the host can be connected to the server for authentication. The battery provides power to the internal clock of the host to mark when you unlock the trophy.

The host’s server may be shut down, and the CMOS battery will run out of power, which will cause the host to fail to authenticate. PS has fixed this problem some time ago, and Xbox will follow it to solve this problem. Xbox director Phil Spencer said the team is working on repairs.

The new patch released by Sony PS has solved this problem. The latest tests conducted on the PS5 without a CMOS battery confirmed that the PS can now play physical and digital games regardless of whether there is an available CMOS battery.


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