Chrome OS now gets frequent Dark Mode finally

Chrome OS

Well, this may be good news for them who are really pretty much good users of Chrome OS. Due to the source of the latest report from Android Police, Google now has seems to be working on getting a dark mode to its operating system for Chromebooks finally. Whereas two of the most popular operating systems out there are
:- Windows and macOS — have had a dark mode for a while, Chrome OS users have sadly missed out on it for all this time.

Main features occupied are their:-

Well if we start discussing the new features of this new function so presently they being worked on, it’s just only could accessible in the Canary channel for Chrome OS as if just now, which meant it’ll be a bit unstable and buggy as now respectively.

If we are bothering ourself to make it start in our system so here is the way to operate this as follow:-

  • Head over to “chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark” and enable the flag.
  • Also enable “chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode”

Well, you may also use the “chrome://flags/#dark-light-mode” flag to make the Chrome OS theme darker, According to Android Police, as we already mentioned above such, the dark mode is not all the way there yet, and while some aspects of the Chrome OS interface, such as:-

  • Wallpaper
  • Picker,
  • Browser, and
  • Most system apps look good in the dark mode right now, there are inconsistencies prospectively.

Not only this but the thing is that apparently the dark mode isn’t even working for bit users on Chrome Canary at all. so very  Clearly expressed that these features are very far from ready act presently, but still, hopefully, Google will be able to bring it to the stable Chrome OS channel sooner rather than later.

So at the end of this session, it’s very important about your opinion so please do comment in our comment box that  What do you think about a dark mode in Chrome OS? Is this something you’ve been waiting for as well?


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