Apple iPhone SE 2 is faster than the fastest Android phone

Apple officially released the new iPhone SE earlier this month, Tim Cook said that the company saw positive comments from commentators and users on the aircraft. Cook said that the value of the iPhone SE is high, “faster than the fastest Android phone.”

Cook ’s above statement was issued in response to questions about the sales of the new iPhone SE in specific geographic regions. Cook said that the sales of the aircraft in middle-income regions may be “better”, But he expects the machine will also attract “a considerable number” of Android users.

Cook said that the benefit of the iPhone SE is that it installs the “engine” of the iPhone 11 in a smaller, more affordable form factor.

Cook was also asked whether the new iPhone SE is part of Apple ’s plan to adjust the pricing structure of the iPhone lineup. Cook said: “We have always provided the best products at good prices. This basic strategy has not changed at all. As you know, we did launch the iPhone SE for a while. It ’s a pleasure to bring it back. This is a very popular product. Except we want to provide people with the best deals while making the best I ’m not going to interpret anything other than the product. ”


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