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Google Chrome

Most of us browse the internet every day in our daily life, some of us use our pc to do that and some use android, but the truth is we don’t care about pc everywhere, but we do carry our smartphone everywhere. So most of the time we use android to make a search so it’s a good thing to learn some tips and tricks which may come handy in our daily life.

Copy the current URL faster

We all need to copy some URLs at some point of our search we need to copy and paste the URL, the method we use is to tap on the address bad and then click on select all in the text menu. And then press copy. And truth is that method is not that fast. And another truth is we have a faster method.

At first, you have to press the share button in the main overflow menu and then select copy to clipboard or maybe you just instead of typing on address bar you should press and hold it for some time. And it will select the whole URL. Now all you have to do is click on copy.

Receive Facebook and Twitter notifications in Chrome

Installing some apps on your phone is something that will take some space in your phone. So often what we do is we browse these websites in our browser. this is great, but the thing is we need to get notifications from Facebook and Twitter also. But for this, you don’t have to worry.

For Facebook first, log in to your account and then tap on the menu icon of Facebook (not chrome) and head to account setting here tap on the notification and then press the turn on button.

And for twitter, first, log in to your Twitter account and tap on the notification button. Here you will find an option for turning on push notification. Turn it on here.

Switch tabs with a swipe

The way we all follow to switch between tabs in chrome is tapping on tab button and then selecting the tap you want to be on. But let me tell you there is another way to do so you may try this. You can swipe left and right on the address bar or swipe down to see a list of open tabs.

Turn on the Modern UI

Google is always testing with the guys for the chrome, the feature google testing now is modern design UI, which makes the app white and with a round button. You can enable this UI and you will love it for sure.

Do so Just paste chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-modern-design into Chrome, and then choose ‘Enabled’ in the dropdown menu, and just restart the app. And if you didn’t like the UI then you can always revert it.

Download pages once you’re online

Sometimes you need to access a webpage and you have a bad internet connection so just don’t need to panic. Now chrome has a solution for this. So if you are trying to load a page offline then you just have to tap on the download page letter. So whenever you come online again it will download the page offline and will notify you.

If you try to load a page while offline, you can tap the ‘Download page later’ button. As soon as you have an internet connection, Chrome will download the page and give you a notification.

See more tabs at a glance

The way chrome shows its opened tabs. It’s awesome but it’s not that good when it comes to managing huge amounts of tabs. So if you want to check more pages at once then chrome has a feature for you just head to chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-tab-switcher into Chrome, select ‘Enabled’ in the dropdown menu, and restart the app.

Tap a word to search for it

It is a very simple feature but not everyone is aware of this. So whenever you tap on a word. It will display a new pop up that will show you the info about the word you taped.

Add a home button

Some device has a home button in chrome and some have not, this is because some phone makers have a chrome customization apk in their system so they modify some features in chrome. Like setting a default value for setting the home button and bookmarks.

So if you don’t have any home button in chrome just paste chrome://flags/#force-enable-home-page-button into Chrome, select ‘Enabled’ in the dropdown menu, and restart the app twice. Now you have a home button!

chrome://flags/#force-enable-home-page-button into Chrome, select ‘Enabled’ in the dropdown menu, and restart the app twice. Now you have a home button!

Save pages as PDF files

Many times we have to share a full webpage with someone and maybe we just have to save the best way to do it is saved as pdf. Let me tell you how to do it. To do it just head to the menu and then tap on the print button, here you have to change the printer to save as pdf. Now after doing this just tap on the download file and you have done.

Tap on emails, phone numbers, and addresses to use them

If you have ever used the safari browser on ios there is a feature where phone numbers and other data get turned into links. And tapping on the link will do the associated action. Chrome in android also has this feature. when you tap on the email link it will open an email client. Or you may click on a phone number and call on it.

Zoom on any website

Now every website is optimized for smartphone and they do not allow you to zoom in or zoom out. But there is always away. So to enable zoom on any website just open the chrome setting and head to accessibility and turn on force enable zoom and here you are good to go.

Add more search engines

In some old days, you only had a handful of search engines. But now we have a lot of them. But the question is how you can add them to your browser. It may be hard but we are here to do it.

To do so first head to any site and search for anything you want. Then just open the chrome setting and select the option says search engine option. Here you should be able to select a recently visited site to set as a default search engine.

Scroll through ‘Find in page’ results

While using chrome’s find in-page search, now we don’t have to press the up and down arrows again and again. Now we just swipe up and down on the right bae to scroll.

Turn on the new context menu

You might know that long-pressing an image or link will bring up a menu with various operations. For example, you can open links in new tabs, or download images to your phone. Recently Google has been working on a new and improved context menu. You can try out that.

You just need to open chrome://flags#enable-custom-context-menu in the chrome browser. Set the popup menu to ENABLE and restart the browser. While clicking on a link or image you will get a new popup menu.

Mute a website, or block sound entirely

Many times we hear some annoying sound coming from a website. Actually chrome on android is supposed to block this but sometimes it doesn’t . or maybe sometimes you want some website to play the sound.

So you can mute some misbehaving sites. Or may keep all but block some site. To do so just open setting in chrome and head to site setting and then sound. There is a universal toggle and you can apply some additional rules by tapping on the plus icon.

So these were some tips and tricks you can use to use chrome more efficiently.

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