You can now view Stadia Achievements on iOS and Android


Hay there if you are the game lover of stadia so, we are here with this interesting news that Stadia Achievements online and on Chromecast is now going to launch and picked up the ability for the purpose of showing game after the month. The streaming service logged awards from day one, but an interface wasn’t ready until December. Stadia Achievements are now rolling out on the Android and iOS apps as well.


But the main question is going to arise that what exactly the process so that they will able to access the achievements so, Well usually on the web, Achievements are accessed by tapping the People icon and selecting any profile. The main list provides a summary of how many awards you’ve earned, and how many are available in total (excluding secret ones) own wards.

Things are not gonna stop here this may be the clear reality check for the users by showing this that how this will work and how it will appear on the set as well. The full game page also shows that progress bar. Users have the ability to sort the full list by “Unlocked” or “Game order.” Each card features a custom graphic, description, and the date it was accomplished. There’s not too much else to this straightforward feature prospectively.

So if we try to compare this function with some other function in that case there are some differences compared to the web in that the People menu does not list your “Recent achievements.” so at the end of the day the conclusion comes out that the mobile clients do not list “total playtime” or other game-specific statistics. This feature was added late last month, alongside accompanying privacy controls.

Stadia Achievements on Android and iOS are rolling out now, but it might not yet be fully available for all users. This addresses the annoyance of needing to visit — often on a mobile browser set to desktop mode — to get a complete list.

That’s all was about the day’s news and if you have any other question related to this and any other news so you can even share with us. Not even this you can comment on any other suggest anything in our common section. Till then stay tuned with us.



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