Xiaomi Mi 8 pushes MIUI stable version


Xiaomi Mi 8 mobile phone began to push the new MIUI 11 stable version update, the version number is V11.0.6.0.QEACNXM, the download package size is 2.1GB.

According to the prompt, this update is an Android major version upgrade, the bootload time is relatively long, please be patient. This update is an Android cross-version update, which will reduce the risk of upgrading. It is recommended to back up personal data in advance. Some third-party applications have not been adapted for Android 10, and there are compatibility issues. For details, see the community announcement. In this case, please update the app version in the app store and try again.

In the MIUI V11.0.6.0.QEACNXM update, the Xiaomi Mi 8 phone has been fixed and improved in the status bar, notification bar, network assistant, game acceleration, and long screen capture.

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