Wear OS 3: Users are pretty angry because nothing is coming

Google will release Wear OS 3 in the spring of 2021, and it should feature several upgrades. The primary reboot that was built on it is still having problems. That, however, does not apply to Samsung’s sales figures, which have since skyrocketed.

But every other producer has now stopped producing. Fossil and Mobvoi (TicWatch) are undoubtedly the most well-known of the candidates. Samsung should be the only OEM to receive Wear OS 3 before the middle of 2022. But September is quickly approaching and there have been zero updates.

Other OEMs have not released any new Wear OS 3 devices, and no updates have been sent out or announced. Wear OS 3 is claimed to be on board just the new Montblanc Summit 3, however, it typically costs more than 1,000 euros. What about updates for the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro, the Fossil Gen 6, etc.?

In any event, the absence of information leaves clients in a negative mood because they are just left in the dark. Fossil previously discussed a new companion app and its likely ongoing development, but the company hasn’t addressed Wear OS 3 since. Not even iffy prospects exist.

Two months into the second half of the year, Samsung has already released its second limited-edition Wear OS 3 watch. One waits in anticipation for the other Wear OS firms to ultimately speak. It’s not functioning the way the open Android environment is accustomed to. The most recent Wear OS software is only available to individuals who are currently using a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or 5.

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