Tianjin 5G Plan: 40,000 5G base stations to be built by 2022

Tianjin 5G Plan

The Tianjin Municipal People’s Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of 5G“, calling for seizing the development opportunities of 5G, comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong network city, and accelerating the construction of Tianjin City. The strategic emerging industry system will comprehensively help the construction of “Tianjin Zhigang”.

According to the “Opinions”, by the end of 2022, Tianjin will build 40,000 5G base stations to achieve a new situation of full coverage of 5G networks, deep coverage of hot spots in industry applications, and provision of 5G network services on demand. Covering major industries and fields such as agriculture, industry, and service industries; creating more than 10 core companies in the 5G industry chain, and the city’s 5G industry scale will reach more than 30 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), driving the scale of related industries to more than 100 billion yuan. The country’s important 5G core component industry innovation gathering place has become China’s advanced area for 5G industry development.

In order to achieve this goal, the “Opinions” requires the construction of advanced infrastructure, the promotion of 5G application development, and the innovation and development of 5G industry. Carry out smart city construction in areas such as the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City; support manufacturing companies to digital, network, and intelligent transformation; accelerate the demonstration applications of 5G in video surveillance, remote control of large loading and unloading equipment, and unmanned container trucks, Improve port automation and intelligence.

At the same time, promote the informationization, intelligence and automation transformation of the distribution network; create an open section of the Internet of Vehicles direct connection communication that integrates 5G and vehicle-to-external information exchange (V2X) technology; combining Jinjie Pedestrian Street and Five Avenues and Italian Style Street , Times Olympic City and other key night economic demonstration neighborhoods to build, build 5G demonstration business districts; start 5G experiential teaching; realize smart cultural travel, smart media, and smart medical treatment.

Officials will increase policy support. From 2019 to 2022, 5G demonstration application scenarios will be rewarded through municipal and district-level smart manufacturing special funds. 20 demonstration application scenarios will be selected each year, with a maximum reward of 2 million yuan for each scenario. The central financial support amount is given equal rewards, with a maximum reward of 10 million yuan for each project. Give full play to the guiding role of special funds for intelligent manufacturing and focus on supporting 5G development.

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