The US customers are more interested in purchasing Apple Car than Tesla

Apple Cars will not be available for at least a few years. While Project Titan has been marred by controversy and the departure of top executives, a survey indicates that US shoppers are more eager in buying a Cupertino company’s car than a new Ford or Tesla.

According to a poll of 200,000 new automobile owners conducted by Strategic Vision, Apple comes third on the list of companies that consumers “like” and contemplate purchasing a car.

According to reports, Apple accounted for 26%, trailing only Toyota (38%), Honda (32%), Ford (21%), and Tesla (20%). The survey found that more than half of Tesla owners would “certainly consider” purchasing a future Apple vehicle.

According to Strategic Vision, Apple “has the greatest combined score when looking at the top responses on two key parameters,” future considerations and your perception of quality – 26% would certainly consider, 24% believe they will adore it.

While Apple is still a few years away from releasing its own automobile, the company is planning a huge revamp of CarPlay that will literally take over other vehicles’ screens.

For years, Apple has been working on its Titan self-driving car project. Following Doug Field’s resignation, VP of Technology Kevin Lynch is expected to take over the project by the end of 2021. Before departing Ford, he oversaw the Time project’s day-to-day operations with a team of hundreds of engineers.

Apple is said to be weighing a number of different options for Project Titan, though its ambitious goal is to ship a self-driving EV without a steering wheel by 2025.

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