The thickest part of the iPhone 14 Pro with the case is over 11mm

According to current rumors, Apple will hold a fall new product launch in the early morning of September 7th and the iPhone 14 series will be the biggest protagonist. This time, there are four models in the iPhone 14 series, which have brought a lot of changes as a whole. In particular, the Pro version has ushered in a substantial upgrade in appearance and configuration, which has caused a lot of discussions.

Of course, there are obviously more complaints than praise, especially after many models have been exposed recently, the huge rear camera has made many people unbearable. The accessory manufacturer 8090 Digital Meishi also posted a picture of the measurement of the protective case. It can be seen that the thickest part of the iPhone 14 Pro with the case is over 11mm, which is outrageous.

You know, the MIX Fold 2 just released not long ago is only 11.2mm thick as a folding screen, and the two can be said to have similar effects. But the difference is that as a folding screen, the MIX Fold 2 is actually only 5.4mm thick in the unfolded 8-inch large-screen mode, which is almost the thinnest among 5G mobile phones.

In addition to the huge rear camera and the increased thickness, the other thing that causes complaints about the appearance is the screen. Although the Pro version will cancel Liu Haiping for the first time, everyone does not seem to be particularly looking forward to the new screen, because Apple uses a super “unique” exclamation mark to dig holes, which is significantly different from the Android camp’s centered and ultra-small holes.

The most important thing is that although the horizontal width is much smaller than the bangs, Apple does not seem to have optimized it in iOS, and the status bars on both sides have not added any status display, which is almost useless.

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