The first live images of the Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

The upcoming Google’s Pixel may be one of the best secrets of Google, compared to the other years we knew everything many months before it was announced, but now they have the first live images of the device, which apparently leaves all the flagship features in the edge.

According to a new Tweet, @techdroider gives us the first images of the Pixel 5, both the front and the back. As we can see, on the front they have symmetrical bezels around the perimeter of the device, although a little big for a flagship, with a hole on the left of the screen, where the selfie camera will be housed. On the back of the device, we see the new camera system, which seems to have three sensors, with the bottom end looking like a depth sensor. According to other information from @techdroider, the Pixel 5 will be made of polycarbonate plastic, with a natural fingerprint sensor and will have wireless charging support. Its battery amounts to 4,000mAh, while inside it will have the Snapdragon 765G processor. The strange thing is the name of the phone, as as we see it is listed as Pixel 5s. As for the weird Google logo at the bottom, it’s because it’s a prototype.

Techdroider Said: 

This is the Google Pixel 5 (Pixel 5s). The most High-end Flagship from Google for 2020.

– Snapdragon 765 5G
– 4000mAh Battery
– Wireless Charging
– Polycarbonate Rear


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