Tesla Semi stops accepting pre-orders

In November 2017, Tesla released the electric truck Semi, and in the following five years, the car only accepted bulk orders from large companies such as Pepsi and Walmart. In May of this year, the electric truck Semi began accepting reservations from ordinary users with a deposit of $20,000.

According to a report by TESLARATI the day before yesterday, Tesla recently updated the order interface of the electric truck Semi, canceling the reservation option. In addition, Tesla has modified the configuration information of the electric truck Semi. The car on the order page is not equipped with the previous 4 motors, but the newly added 3 motors.

According to TESLARATI speculation, Tesla may launch a 3-motor version of the electric truck Semi to obtain tax benefits. Recently, the United States passed the Reducing Inflation Act, which introduced a new electric vehicle tax credit, which is expected to take effect in December 2022. The electric truck Semi stopped accepting pre-orders and launched a 3-motor version, which should be in preparation for the new tax policy, and the car is expected to have a more reasonable price in the future.

On August 10 this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social networking sites that Tesla’s 500-mile (about 804.67 kilometers) version of the Semi truck will start delivering this year. According to the official introduction, the car adopts a 6×4 drive type, driven by four independent motors, distributed on the two rear axles, with a horsepower of 1,100 horsepower, and the acceleration time of 0-100 kilometers is 20 seconds under the condition of a full load of 36 tons of cargo.

About half of the zero-hundred acceleration time of a traditional truck. In terms of price, the version with a cruising range of 480km is priced at $150,000, and the version with a range of 800km is priced at $180,000.

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