Tesla owner charging station staged free fight suspected of disputes over charging

Different from the fuel car, it usually takes more than half an hour to charge the electric car. Therefore, some car owners may have a “charging dispute” in order to compete for the charging pile.

A few days ago, netizens uploaded a video showing that in a Tesla charging station somewhere in Guangzhou, a Tesla owner had a dispute, and finally fought and staged a “free fight” scene.

The two sides were suspected of arguing because of charging. A total of three people participated in the melee. One car owner pressed one person under him to “violently output”, and the other person put a “black fist” behind him. The specific reasons for the dispute are not yet known.

In fact, because of charging, electric vehicle owners have friction, which is also more common in daily life, especially in charging stations with many cars and few piles and on highways on holidays.

For electric vehicle owners, they can choose off-peak charging to avoid the peak charging period. In addition to not having to queue, they can enjoy more charging discounts at night.

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