Tesla Model S Plaid provide low quality of Stuff (Buyers show their anger on Twitter)

Tesla is one of the most powerful companies in the world in the EV market. Basically, Tesla is famous for its Model 3 and Model Y, and apparently, Tesla Model Y become the most famous model in the world in the Q2 of 2022 after beating the Tesla Model 3 which was on the top for the last two years. And after getting the success of the Tesla Model Y, now Tesla released its next Plaid Model S in order to get more success after Model Y but I think this is not a good time for Tesla because the sales in the Q3 is very low in comparison to the selling of Q2 and second thing this that the quality complaints are not goings to stop anyhow.

So without wasting any time let me explain what kind of complaints buyers give to Tesla and put their anger on Twitter. Well, the news went viral when today (24-8-2022) a Tesla owner tweeted a photo of a Tesla Model S Plaid in which the cover of the steering wheel was damaged in many places. According to the tweet, the car was very much new and it just runs only 12,000 miles and then this is the condition of the steering wheel he find.

Well, this is not the first time when the buyers complained about the quality of the Tesla Models. Recently there were so many complaints faced by the company regarding the Autopilot mode, seatbelt system, map recognization, and funny mistakes in recognization of the front wheelers by the front camera screen by the way.  Anyways let’s back to the point, after watching the tweets there were a number of comments in the comment section in which there are mostly Tesla buyers who also started complaining about their Tesla Models.

Not even this if we clearly zoom out the pictures so we can see that the quality of the pad cover of the wheel was so thin and low and it can be easily torn up if anyone want to so maybe this can be possible the kits start playing with the wheels and tearing it easily. But this is just an imagination in the end all fault goes to Tesla because they use cheap and low-quality materials in the manufacturing of their Models.

But things do not even stop here there are so many buyers who are putting the question mark on the price of the Tesla Model S which literally 20% bounced after the Q2. But this is not new for us because the demand for Tesla becomes so high these days and after realizing the high demand for the model Tesla start to increase the price of their Models but the company also has the realization that the bouncing in the price of cars there is very much possible that the demand will definitely gonna effect.

Anyways talking about the Tesla Model S so I think this is just starting of the model and it will be very interesting to see now what more complaints we get to see. Well till now there is no action taken by the company and not even any reaction watching by us. So for now we can just hope for the best.

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