Tesla launched Cyberwhistle whistle, priced at 350 yuan

Tesla has officially launched the Cyberwhistle whistle, priced at 350 yuan. At present, Tesla China’s official website shows that the whistle is currently out of stock.

The whistle is based on Tesla’s Cybertruck electric truck, made of medical-grade stainless steel, and it was sold in a limited amount in the United States at a price of $50 (about 318 yuan). Although the domestic price was more than 30 yuan higher than the overseas version, it was quickly sold out.

According to the information, a copy of Tesla whistle has appeared on domestic shopping websites , and the price is only half or even 1/3 of the official price. The packaging box of the copycat version is similar to the original product, and there is a Tesla card.

Tesla Cyberwhistle whistle Tesla Cyberwhistle whistle-1

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