Samsung is on work on ARM-Based Exynos Processors for Windows PCs

Samsung Exynos

Samsung has apparently going to follow the range in Apple’s footsteps and looking for the transition in its laptop lineup from Intel X86-64 to ARM. The company is reportedly working on ARM-based Exynos processors specifically for Windows computers. According to tipster, @MauriQHD, the chip specifically made for the Windows computers will be based on the upcoming Exynos 1000 SoC.


Well guys it is quite interesting to see that Samsung might already have a PC-specific ARM processor based on one of the current Exynos chips. However, the company has been apparently apprehensive that they really not might be that good enough to power a full-fledged Windows machine as much as an expert can do. SamMobile claims that the current PC-specific processor is based on the Exynos 990 – the chip that powers Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20-series smartphones.

The news follows Apple’s announcement of its first ARM-powered custom Mac processor at WWDC 2020 last month. The first ARM-powered Mac will definitely go to release it before the end of the year, but probably there’s no specific ETA for that just yet. But guys According to the company, exchange Or switching to ARM will allow iOS apps to run natively on the Mac. This time the company as well as the user may also expect to be more power-efficient than Intel’s chips, but whether they’ll be able to compete on raw performance are continual remains to be seen Prosectivelly.

So guys et the end of the day we come to know that even as Apple can also transitioning from X86-64, Windows 10 on an ARM is yet to catch on in a way that Microsoft would have hoped for. So now it’ll be very interesting to see that what the result will appear if Samsung will be able to add some impetus to the fledgling OS going forward apparently. However, the inherent weaknesses of the RISC architecture mean that it won’t be replacing X86-64 any time soon. Till then guys you must have to wait for the Samsung work.


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