Nintendo announces Switch box size will be reduced by 20%

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nintendo will reduce the size of the battery version of the Switch box by 20% from August, and the OLED model will not be affected to improve transportation efficiency and increase supply.

Nintendo officially stated that the purpose of this is to plan for the commercial competition at the end of the year, and shrinking the box can increase transportation efficiency and increase supply. At the same time, due to the shortage of parts such as semiconductors, we can only increase the utilization of air transportation space, reduce logistics costs, and minimize the loss of sales costs.

Last week, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that he would not consider raising the price of the flagship game console Switch to help ease the gap in the increasing production and transportation costs, so as not to scare away consumers. “We are competing in a global multi-entertainment environment, and we always think about pricing in terms of the entertainment value we provide,” Furukawa said.

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