MWC 2023: First Day – Rollable Concept Phone, Nokia new logo and more

Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC) is finally started and it will be live till March 2. During this period, several big tech companies will announce the latest innovations in the smartphone world. The list includes Xiaomi’s 13 Series, Samsung 5G solutions, Motorola’s future rollable devices, Realme’s 240W fast charging phone — GT 3, OnePlus 11 concept, and more.

Motorola MWC 2023 – Rollable Phone Concept Rizr

As per the information, at MWC 2023, Motorola showcases the rollable devices which include 4-inch tall screen and when unfurled it provides a 6.5-inch OLED screen.

MWC 2023 Rizr rollable phone

The rollable phone rizr concept shows the screen rolls from the back of the phone which is a very innovative way. Overall you will get a huge display experience in the future. It will help you out on small and larger tasks.

The Motorola Rizr rollable phone packs 2 rear cameras with a flashlight.

Nokia MWC 2023: Nokia Changed Logo After 60 Years

Nokia has finally changed its iconic logo after 60 years. As per the information, the new logo comprises 5 different shapes forming the word NOKIA. The iconic blue color of the old logo has been dropped for a range of colors depending on the use.

Nokia New Logo MWC 2023

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