Microsoft Win10 ARM Notebook New Step

Windows 10 ARM effort will take another step, and there is evidence that Microsoft is close to enabling the ability to run x64-bit applications on Windows 10 ARM laptops.

Windows 10 ARM laptops use the WOW emulator running Win32 code, which natively supports ARM64 processing. Unfortunately, this clever method of cracking means that 64-bit Windows applications are not supported on Windows 10 ARM laptops at all.

Twitter whistleblower Longhorn noticed the recent GitHub submission, which explicitly mentioned support for x64 code emulation on ARM64 systems.

According to reports, this architecture is called ARM64EC for the x86_64 type on ARM64 machines.

The submission date is March 2020, made by Kenny Kerr, an engineer of the Microsoft Windows team.

A year ago, it was unclear whether Microsoft would enable x64 application emulation on Windows 10 ARM. Microsoft encouraged developers to recompile their applications to ARM64. The good news is that Microsoft has indeed succeeded.

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