Google planing to introduce dark mode for search results

Google Chrome

Google is planning to introduce “dark mode” into Google search results page, and may also introduce other web pages under its own into the dark mode of the Android version of Chrome in the future.

Before the Chrome browser on Android devices had supported dark mode, and users could enable it in Menu> Settings> Themes. However, after switching to dark mode, Chrome will only change the browser UI and “new tab” pages to dark, and the website is still a light theme. Even Google ’s own search and search results pages are still light-colored. But now, Google is changing this problem.

Foreign media found this information in the new code changes in the Chromium source code repository. This code will add a new flag to chrome: // flags, which provides a fairly simple description.

Google’s search results page will also have a dark theme, the appearance may be similar to the dark theme provided by the Google search application on Android. However, Strange thing is Google can adjust and modify the search site itself, without the need to change through chrome. But in any case, you can look forward to the chrome “dark mode” after the future upgrade.

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