Google News Service will return to Spain next year

According to the information, Google parent company Alphabet announced that after the Spanish government passed new legislation allowing media organizations to negotiate directly with Google, the company has made the decision to relaunch Google News in Spain early next year service.

In 2014, Google News Service withdrew from the Spanish market because the government passed a regulation requiring Alphabet and other news aggregation services to pay a collective licensing fee to these media even if they only display news headlines or abstracts from Spanish media.

Google’s Spanish regional manager, said in a statement: “From the beginning of next year, Google News will provide links to some news stories. In the next few months Here, we will negotiate with publishers, hoping to reach a cooperation agreement.”

In this regard, Arcio Escolar, chairman of the CLABE Publishers Association, said that he is pleased with the government’s new legislation. The CLABE Publishers Association is made up of approximately 1,000 major online news organizations, including leading digital brands El Espanol and

In contrast, the AMI Media Association, which represents the conservative school of traditional media, supports the maintenance of the original system, and the association declined to comment on the government’s new regulations.

Google News Spain

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