Google Maps gets UI update for Android Auto on smartphone

Android Auto

Welcome back with the new update system, I am here to tell you guys about the new update of slightly Google Maps version 10.45 there are some verified slightly changes into perspective icon’s appearance. Such as, while using this app by using the Android Auto standalone app. You would glad to know that the grades of the update level of google maps get is now goes high named.

Slightly and it slightly new appearance with the updated buttons and more attractive signs and menus in looks.
According to the sources intell by “Android Police”. such as The directions and signs during navigations now have new figures shown on the prospective icon as like the signs appeared with the rounded corners and tooks up the less space so that you can be able to still see some of the maps from behind of the prospective icon. At the same time, the update literally makes landscape navigation quit better. some highly changes have been taken into the directions such:- Directions don’t take up the length on the screen and popping up the settings menu and it will no longer cover the whole surface of the screen.

Android Auto’s standalone app was supposed to be phased out in favor of the in-car experience. Now it is easy for the users to download it to experience Android Auto without a compatible in-car head unit Instead, the app stuck around on the Play Store. Now let’s just see and the suspense will depend on this, that how much this update will useful for the users.


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