Google just announced images of Pixel 4A in its online store

Google Pixel 4A

Google’s Pixel 4A has now appeared on Google’s online store, and the official seems to have mistakenly posted a picture of the Pixel 4A on its Canadian store. The text description says it is “Nest Wifi”, but… uh… this is obviously not Nest Wifi. This phone has been widely leaked in the past few months, but this is Google’s direct marketing renderings should indicate that 4A may appear sometime in the near future.


It should also be noted that the date on the screen is May 12, which also solidly confirms that Google originally planned to launch 4A at the annual developer conference, and then canceled it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pixel 4A seen in the photo has a matte black surface, a light blue power button, and a big bang, of course, we have seen it in the previous leak.

After the final launch of Pixel 4A, it is expected that Google will launch Pixel 5 later this year. Last week, someone also found a 4A version compatible with 5G in the Google search app code. According to other sources, it seems that Google may also abandon the potential 5 XL model, just as it insists on a single size for 4A.


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