Google Chrome adds an interface to control Bluetooth network connections

Google Chrome Bluetooth

The Google Chrome browser has long supported network Bluetooth connections, but until now it has not included a UI that allows users to control device permissions through web pages.

Now in the latest Chrome Canary 85, Google has introduced a new setting item, “Use the new permission background for Bluetooth network management”, thus introducing the network Bluetooth connection into the permission UI of regular websites.

Users can now temporarily or permanently enable and disable access to network Bluetooth in the website settings one by one, and cancel the connection when needed.

The Chrome browser has also updated its BluetoothAdapter API to allow persistent connections instead of automatically deleting connections after 3 minutes of inactivity.

The Bluetooth network permanent permission function will be compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android. Currently, there are still few websites using Web Bluetooth, but adding better support for this function will make PWA more powerful and may replace native applications on certain platforms.

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