GAC Honda e:N series first pure electric vehicle

According to the latest information from the Guangqi Honda, on November 19th, the e:NP1, the first pure electric vehicle of the e:N series under Guangzhou Automobile Honda, was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show, presenting e: N Design’s new design language.

According to reports, e:NP1 inherits Honda’s highly specialized sports genes. As Honda‚Äôs latest masterpiece, the e:N series launches a new intelligent and efficient pure electric architecture-e:N Architecture, which integrates three-in-one high-power drive motors, large-capacity, high-density batteries, and high-rigidity pure electric vehicle exclusive frames And the chassis platform.

The e:N Architecture F architecture carried by the e:NP1 is specially developed for small and medium-sized EVs under the e:N Architecture architecture. Based on the front-drive FWD, the e:NP1 driving control experience far exceeds that of the same-level EV, and the driving performance is overwhelmingly brisk and quick. Relying on Honda’s outstanding electronic control technology accumulation, the motor power density of e:NP1 has reached the industry-leading level, and the motor control program integrates up to 20,000 scene algorithms, which is more than 40 times that of ordinary pure electric vehicles, making e:NP1 capable Adapt to wider driving scenarios.

In terms of appearance, the e:NP1 adopts an aerodynamic body with a simple and sharp appearance. At the same time, the e:NP1 uses the new e:N series car logo. During the charging process, the “Heart beat interactive light language” moves with the battery. In terms of interior, e:NP1 is equipped with a 15.2-inch high-definition ultra-thin frame center control screen and a 10.25-inch color full LCD instrument panel. At the same time, e:NP1 continues the legend of Honda “Space Magician”, ensuring rear seats To maximize the space, the rear seat cushion is the longest among Honda models and ensures the most suitable tilt angle.

In the first half of 2022, GAC Honda e: NP1 models will soon be fully launched.

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