Fix iOS 14 Battery Drain Issues quickly on iPhone and iPad

iOS 14 has been recently released and it comes with a bunch of new features. As per the iOS history users of Apple’s iPhone had complained about the battery drain issues. Below you can follow the steps and guidelines to fix the drain issue.

Fix Unwanted Battery Consumption:

This is the main factor you have to manage those unwanted battery consumption apps or features that draining your iPhone. So, before trying out the radical solutions to fix the unexpected battery consumption in iOS 14, you should first take control of them.

Disable Background App Refresh:

If your iPhone or iPad is unable to retain the battery for long after updating to iOS 14, you shouldn’t fail to turn it off. Head over to Settings app -> General -> Background App Refresh. Then, then select the Off option to disable it.

Disable Location Services

To do it, go to Settings app -> Privacy -> Location Services. Now, turn off the switch and hit Turn Off in the menu to confirm.

Keep in mind that you can also manage location services on a per-app basis. Simply tap on a specific app and then select the preferred option as per your needs.

Join Our Apple Channel On TelegramTurn Off Automatic Download/Install of iOS Updates

Disable it by going to Settings app -> General -> Software Update -> Automatic Updates. Now, turn off the switch for Download iOS Updates.

Disable Automatic Download of Apps and App Updates

We suggest you to further control the automatic download and updates feature as they have got a high reputation for triggering unexpected power consumption. To turn them off, navigate to the Settings app -> App Store. Now, turn off the switch for Apps and App Updates.

Reset Your iPhone or iPad

Reset your iOS device to factory settings, if it hasn’t yet sorted out the rapid power consumption issue. Bear in mind that resetting the device to factory settings deletes all existing settings including VPN settings and Wi-Fi passwords. However, iOS keeps all of your media and data safe.

Go to Settings app -> General -> Reset. Now, tap on Reset All Settings and confirm.

These are the solutions to fix the rapid battery drain on iPhone in iOS 14. If you stil facing the issues let us known in the comment box below

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