[List Update] Download all the latest versions of Xiaomi MIUI Apps

Xiaomi is one of the most popular and profitable companies in the field of smartphone manufacturing. In the past few months, Xiaomi has continuously released monthly patches and OS software updates to its latest and older smartphones.

Recently, we provide you all the possible download links for the Android 12-based MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13. Now, NNS Team comes again with all the Xiaomi MIUI Apps download links. Xiaomi does not forget its apps along with its smartphone and keeps sending updates for them from time to time. That’s it, let’s take a look at the download link which is mentioned below.

Xiaomi MIUI Apps List:

List of app Version Download
Accessibility 5.0.2 Download
Always-On Display 2.11.906-08111140 Download
App Vault 12.21.0 Download
5.5.0 (MIUI China) Download
Browser 16.8.9 Download
Compass Download
Calculator 13.0.2 Download
Calendar Download
Cast Download
Cloud Download
File Manager V1-210552 Download (MIUI China) Download
Camera 4.5.000250.6 Download
Gallery Download (MIUI Global) Download
Gallery Editor Download (MIUI Global) Download
Game Turbo 2.0.1 Download
File Manager Download
GetApps Download
Health 3.0.374 Download
Settings Download
Launcher Download
Launcher (Alpha) Download
Mail V13_20220708_b2 Download
Messages (MIUI China only) Download
Weather forecast Download
G- (MIUI Global) Download
I AI 5.123.1-202208101935-31 Download
Mi Community 5.2.7 Download
Drive me Download
Mi Fitness 3.7.1 Download
Mi Home 7.7.702 Download
Mi Home (Beta) 7.3.504 Download
Mi Mover 3.9.4 Download
Share me 2.6.0.global Download
Mi Store 3.25.6 Download
Video me 2022070100 Download
Mi Wallpaper Carousel M922012700-S Download
Mint Browser 3.9.3 Download
Mint Launcher Download
MIUI + 3.7.28a Download
Music 6.4.19i Download
Note 5.0.0 Download
Notifications Download
Clock 13.30.0 Download
POCO Launcher 2.0 Download
POCO Launcher 2.0 (Beta) Download
Quick Ball Download
FM radio Download
Audio recorder Download
Screen recorder Download
Scanner 15.0.0 Download
Screenshots 1.4.20-08101238 Download
Safety 7.1.4-220824.0.1 Download
ShareMe 3.27.04 Download
Remote controller 6.3.5G Download
Telephone and Address Book (China only) Download
Themes Download
Updater 7.7.5 Download
Xiaomi Cloud Download
Xiaomi Games Download
Xiaomi Wallet Download
Xiaomi Wear 2.15.1 Download
Carousel Wallpaper V7-G-220809 Download

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