Crash Bandicoot: Two games in the developing franchise, for an insider

According to insider @TheRealInsider, there are currently two games from the Crash Bandicoot franchise in development. Unfortunately, this is what, in the sense that ours has not provided other information on the matter, limiting itself to correcting a user who spoke of only one game in progress.

@TheRealInsider is considered very reliable because it boasts a large amount of information leaked that turned out to be true. What new Crash Bandicoot games could be in development? Difficult to speculate, but surely you can think of a potential Crash Bandicoot 5, which follows the success of the remastered trilogy and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Although Activision Blizzard is mostly focused on the Call of Duty franchise, sales of new editions of some of its old games may have convinced it to keep its franchises active. In fact, the American company has a large number of series that are sadly abandoned.

Interestingly, if the Microsoft acquisition goes through, the new Crash Bandicoots could become Xbox exclusives. Considering how much the first three episodes have meant for the PlayStation brand, it would be a significant change, especially from a symbolic point of view.

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