China Mobile’s 5G signal covers the Mountaintop of Everest

China Mobile’s 5G signal successfully covered the Mountaintop of Mount Everest. China Mobile official said that , China Mobile opened the world’s highest 5G base station at the 6,500-meter elevation camp on Mount Everest to achieve the coverage of 5G signals on the mountain climbing route and peak of the north slope of Mount Everest.

China Mobile’s 5G base stations have been put into use in the forward camp at 6,500 meters above sea level, the transition camp at 5,800 meters above sea level, and the base camp at 5,300 meters at Mount Everest.

China Mobile claims to have developed a 5G SA / NSA dual-module network solution to greatly increase the cell capacity and peak rate. At the site of Everest Base Camp, it was measured at the site that the 5G 100MHz SA mode downlink peak exceeded 1.6Gbps and the uplink rate was as high as 215Mbps. At the same time, China Mobile also cooperated with Huawei and Zunda to complete the construction of a high-quality F5G (fifth-generation optical communication network) Gigabit fiber network at the 5,300-meter base camp and the 6,500-meter forward camp. This is also the first time on Mount Everest. Gigabit fiber network coverage.

China Mobile stated that in the design of the construction plan, the armored optical cable with the least damage to the natural environment will be used for construction to ensure that it is not excavated or damaged in the core area; at the same time, it is unified Set up a living area to centrally dispose of domestic and construction waste. In order to ensure the realization of the goal of laying the optical cable to the 6,500-meter forward camp, the construction and construction personnel should be trained in mountaineering in advance, and a responsibility letter should be signed to ensure the smooth and safe implementation of this work.

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