Call of Duty Mobile test Android recruitment officially opened

Call of Duty Mobile Android recruitment

Call of Duty Mobile Android recruitment has officially opened. Players can view recruitment information through Tencent Xianyou.

Call of Duty Mobile Game is a multiplayer online first-person shooter mobile game jointly launched by Activision and Tencent. The game restores the gameplay map roles of the Call of Duty series and is adapted and optimized for the mobile terminal.

In the game, players can control characters from different works to fight, and they can also meet the big and small Mason father and son as adults. At the same time, the game also added props such as continuous scoring skills and skill chips.

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The recruitment time for the Call of Duty Mobile test ends at 10:00 on October 10, 2020, and is expected to be tested in late October. This test is only for Android platform players.

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